At Prestbury, we take great pride in describing ourselves as a true, traditional private members’ Club. The focus is on golf and delivering the best possible service to our members. We also provide competitive golf for both ladies and gentlemen where both sections have many different teams catering for all abilities. Mixed golf is available and we also have sections and teams for the senior members. Ladies play the majority of their competitions on Tuesdays but we also cater for those ladies who wish to play competitive golf at weekends. Gentlemen members play their competitions on Saturdays and Wednesdays. For those people who are thinking of taking up the game, our Teaching Professional can spend time with you to assist you making the decision – there’s no harm in trying!

Applications for membership are always welcome and prospective applicants are urged to make an appointment to see the General Manager at the outset when he will explain all the relevant details. Applicants are encouraged to play the course prior to applying.

There are occasions when an applicant applies for membership without knowing any existing members who qualify to support / sponsor his or her application. They may have recently moved into the area or live outside the area. They may already have a handicap from another Club and some who have never belonged to a Club do not have a handicap. Where these situations exist and where in every other way they are appropriate for membership of Prestbury, we offer “temporary” membership for up to six months. Six months subscription is payable but no entrance fee is charged at the outset. During this six month period, the member plays in “roll-ups” etc. and meets other members who are then asked to comment on the applicant’s playing ability, course etiquette etc. etc. Once we have say 3 or 4 of these member-statements, he or she is balloted in at the next Board meeting and full-playing membership can be awarded. The remaining balance of the subscription is then payable together with the entrance fee. The annual fees are shown below and there is an entrance fee payable on joining.

You will always be assured of a warm welcome and a tour of the amenity so please don’t hesitate to contact or e-mail the General Manager to discuss your interest.

Membership Information

Individual Applicants (aged 30 and over).

Fees for individual full-playing (7 day) membership which is open to ladies and gentlemen are shown below.

Entrance Fee: £2,500.00. Annual Subscription: £1,525.00.

In order to try and increase the number of members in our ladies' section the entrance fee for new female members aged 25 or more has been reduced to £500 until 31st December 2018.

Colt Applicants (aged 25 – 29 incl.)

Entrance Fee: £2,000.00. Annual Subscription: £1,122.00

Young Adult (aged 18-24 incl.)

Subscription (ages 18 – 20 incl.) £535.00
Subscription (ages 21 – 24 incl.) £842.00

An entrance fee is not payable until the member is aged 25 yrs. From the ages 18 – 24 incl. each year of membership includes a credit of 1/7th of the entrance fee.

Junior Membership (ages 10 – 17 incl.)

The Club has a very active Junior Section and whilst priority is given to those related to existing adult members, all applications are welcome.

Annual Subscriptions:

Boys: £250.00
Girls: £250.00

There are no entrance fees payable. 

Junior "A" members, i.e. those under 18, will be subject to an interview by the Membership Committee prior to progressing to Junior "B" membership. Such an interview will cover playing history, handicaps, fees, etc.

How To Join

Contact: David Holmes

Telephone: 01625 828241

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